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111082 RRP
Hartleys Jelly Strawberry Pm59p
125gm x 12 


111421 RRP
Hartleys Rte Jelly Raspberry Pm59p
125grm x 12 

Due In Soon  

094640 RRP
Hartleys Tab Jelly Assorted Pack
135grm x 12 

Due In Soon  

094692 RRP
Hartleys Tab Jelly Raspberry
135grm x 12 


094696 RRP
Hartleys Tablet Jelly Orange 59p
135grm x 12 

Due In Soon  

094695 RRP
Hartleys Tablet Jelly Strawberry59p
135grm x 12 

Dessert Packets


112457 RRP
Ambrosia Rice Pots Original
120grm x 6 


054850 RRP
Birds Strawberry Trifle
145grm x 12 

Canned Milk


083795 RRP
Carnation Evaporated Milk Pm99p
410grm x 12 


114214 RRP
Island Sun Condensed Milk
397grm x 12 


114215 RRP
Island Sun Evaporated Milk
410grm x 12 


029128 RRP
Trop Sun Prem Condensed Milk Pm99p
397grm x 12 

Milk Puddings


052751 RRP
Ambrosia Creamed Rice Pm 1.00
400grm x 12 


132377 RRP
Ambrosia Custard Pots Light
120gms x 12 


132376 RRP
Ambrosia Custard Pots Original
120gms x 12 


013317 RRP
Ambrosia Macaroni
400gm x 6 


013346 RRP
Ambrosia Semolina
400gms x 6 


132374 RRP
Ambrosia Tapioca
400gms x 6 


013256 RRP
Carnation Condensed Milk Pm 1.99
397grm x 6 

Rts Custard


011023 RRP
Ambrosia Devon Custard Tetra
500gm x 12 


052755 RRP
Ambrosia Deluxe Custard Clotted Cre
400grm x 12 


052756 RRP
Ambrosia Deluxe Custard Creamy Toff
400grm x 12 


052754 RRP
Ambrosia Devon Custard Pm 1.00
400grm x 12 

Custard Powder


010807 RRP
Birds Custard Powder Pm 1.19
300grm x 6 

Ready To Eat Desserts


111648 RRP
Hartleys Jelly Orange Pm59p
125gm x 12